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This trip was called "crazy" by many and generally misunderstood. Thanks to all who believed in this solo challenge and to those who provided biomechanical support, gear, local info, pounds of soda bread, many pints of Guiness, and most of all...inspiration. 

Catskill Hiking Shack Online. Thanks Susan & John for the great Vaude pack, those little last minute items, and all your excellent advice as usual.
Alice's Wonderland. You guys must go adventuring in Ireland.
Action Bikes & Outdoor. Thanks for all those odd little bike parts I'd always come in for. And you guys thought I was crazy...
Sussex Bike & Sport Shop. Thanks for the boxes and last minute gear.
RC. Thanks for all the phys ed, asthma assistance/info and for all of your patience during training, year after year...I will never forget it.
CE. My feet thank you. Your pre-trip knowledge, motivation and support was invaluable.
CIMTECH. Thanks guys for the raw material.
Taxi Counter at Shannon Airport. Thank you nice lady for watching my bike box.
Shannon View Bar and B&B. Thanks for my first Guiness on Irish soil.
Riverside House B&B in Killorlgin.
Laharn House in Killarney.
The Bike Shop in Limerick.
Abbeyville House in Limerick.
Brenda and Mike from California. It was great hopping Killarney pubs with you guys. A touch of home.
My new friends Guiness from Beaufort and Mark from Limerick. Thanks for the life lessons. They will not be forgotten.
Ree. Thanks for believing.
Listowel Tourist Information. Thanks to my mystery front desk advisor with the super sense of humor. You did more to guide my route than you'll ever know.
Thanks to all friends and family who supported this effort through their patience and curiosity. What's next? You never know...
Thanks to Uncle Billy for coming back to us earlier this year. You were along side of me on this trip.
A very special thanks to Sinead for the Irish background info and the inspiration to make Ireland "my own" for a week. If it wasn't for you I might have ended up touring the Sahara standing up...

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