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In October 2004, I set out to ride a 3 day solo trip through Moab, Utah's slickrock country. The purpose of the trip was to record heartrate data throughout the ride, on various trails with varying degrees of difficulty. My Polar heartrate monitor would record average daily heartrate, daily kcal burned, "in zone" time, total time, as well as update me on where my current rate fell within my target workout zone. If the rate was too low or too high, the monitor would signal me. This was important in regulating my pace to avoid health issues. I suffer from allergic asthma. The monitor was intended to be utilized as a tool to assist with proper pacing on the dusty, red rock trails throughout the Moab region, in varying weather conditions.
The multiday trip included sections of the Porcupine Rim Trail and the Kokopelli Trail, and totaled more than 85 miles. The information gained from this trip has helped assist other asthma sufferers when training for and completing similar events.
Getting There
Trip Rig - Gary Fisher Cake
Dusty Tech Section Near Kokopelli Trail
Near Anxiety Pt., Porcupine Rim Trail 

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