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In late July of 2005, an experienced team of off-road expedition cyclists took on the challenging Northern Montana section of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. The team was made up of three traditional mountain bikers plus one quite untraditional rider in
The GDMBR is a series of primarily off-pavement roads and trails which run from Canada to Mexico. A total of 2,490 miles. This section totaled more than 500 miles and took these 4 riders a total of 10 days to complete. Peak riding days logged in at more than 70 miles resulting in more than 11 hours of saddle time per day.
I set up a long wheel base (LWB) Burley Nasoke rear suspended recumbent bicycle for the off-road expedition. The modified Nasoke features included 5.5" of rear travel, 2" off-road tires, straight MTB bars, and an off-road worthy drivetrain for long Montana days full of long Montana hills.
It was a grueling trip (for me anyway) which included riding down a technical downhill (semi-loaded) often considered the most aggressive section of the entire trail system, a damaged rear deraileur hanger (deep in grizzly country), 9 exciting miles of technical cliffside singletrack, and controlling allergic asthma along the dusty dirt trails and logging roads. Completing the journey with 3 traditional riders required careful equipment selection, significant food intake (doing legs presses all day, everyday, burned about 4,200 kcal per day), a much needed mid-trip leg massage (many thanks to "magic hands" Amber), daily and real-time heart monitor data, and the occasional hill-push and gear-carry by my patient buds. This off-road rig weighed in at almost 45 lbs. unloaded.
As I had hoped, this project provided new insight into the world of off-road recumbent expedition cycling as it relates to fitness and asthma management. For me anyway. Please contact me for more detailed trip data, if interested.

Counting Out Loud in Grizzly Country - Polebridge Area

"Laid Back" Hillclimb Near Seeley Lake 

Catching Up After a 4 Hour Uphill Leg

BTT Modified 2005 Burley Nasoke Recumbent

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