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Welcome. is a collection of unique cycling expeditions undertaken by "Standing Cyclist" Frank Cavaluzzi. Some trips have focused on experimental equipment, training and touring with asthma, and others are tied to raising awareness and funds for special charity organizations.
Come on in and take a look around.

Photo by Laura Wanderling

An expanded interest (or strange curiosity) in standing, "saddle-less" cycling has driven us to divide this site into two areas of interest. Our primary site, BioTorque-Tech remains dedicated to expeditions, training and touring with asthma, while the new Standing Cyclist site focuses on raising awareness and funds for Spotlight Organizations such as Stand Up 2 Cancer.


In the coming months will highlight more of our special projects and information. This site will document our activities, consider new training concepts and update interested parties on our sponsorship opportunities.
Thank you for visiting us. Please bookmark our home page for future reference and email us for real-time updates and training information as it applies to Asthma Management through fitness and diet.

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